Some facts about Russian trademark search services

We’ve just updated our “Russian trademark search services” page, and that reminded me of a case we came across recently with one of our Chinese clients (an Intellectual Property Agent based in Beijing).

They wrote:

“During the period of cooperation with another Russian ip firm, we have to conduct trademark search through a Hong Kong firm because Russian charges too much (they just wasn’t acquinted with Patents from RU back when…).
We pay RMB1000 (almost USD140) for one search either for a word mark or combined mark. If you could help conduct search (I suppose the search data should include the registered trademarks and pending applications), we don’t have to turn to the Hong Kong firm. That’ll be very convenient for us.

We just entrusted the Hong Kong firm to conduct two trademarks in Russia 7 days ago and we have given the search result to the client. We suppose they may confirm to file the applications in a few days.”

We asked this Chinese client of ours to send over the search report they got from that Hong Kong firm (you can see it here). They did, and I noticed two important things:

1) the search report does not contain trademark applications results
2) the search report does not list Cyrillic matches

So, in a word, the search report provided by a Hong Kong firm is in no way a complete report – it ignored transliterations into Cyrillic and it ignored Russian trademark applications.

Please beware of such Russian trademark search services originating from outside Russia – you’d better turn to assistance of firms based in Russia.

For you reference, here is two sample trademark search reports – one from RUPTO and another from Patents from RU.

Cost of searching for one word or combined (word + design) tradermark in one class within Russian registered trademark and applications.
Patents from RU RUPTO
US$150 (payment AFTER you received results)

Turnaround: 1-2 business days

$330 (+ $160/month for electronic delivery of search report,
or else you’ll have to wait for snail mail delivery of hard copy of the report).

Turnaround: 5 business days

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  1. Hello.
    I am working for a Chinese trademark agent based in Beijing having exactly the same confusion about the high payment for trademark search.

    After reading your article, I have learned that what a complete trademark search report is. Thank you for your information.

    The fact is, the Chinese applicant would like to know if the trademark has been registered as a very first step. If not, they will conduct the further search.

    If you have interest in collaborating with us, please send me an email. We have a trademark for registration in Russia right now.

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