We are looking to obtain a copy of the Russian journal article…

We’ve been fulfilling more and more inquiries for Russian non-patent document delivery – today we put another four titles into Russian scientific and medical literature search and delivery portfolio which we hunted down for our customers in wild wild Russian infospace, these are: Density, Viscosity, Surface Tension, and Saturated Vapor Pressure of Liquid Teplofiz. Svoista […]

Feb 15th: portfolio of Russian patent translations updated

We’ve just updated our portfolio of Russian patent translations – this time a US patent attorney wanted us to translate 6 Russian referencies Just a brief story: An US patent attorney was looking for a translation service to translate a Russian patent reference. She had a pdf of a Russian patent/patent application and she needed […]

Russian TM watch service – 2 weeks of February

While sifting through latest trade mark applications filed in Russia (watching for particular trademark being filed – cause Russian Trademark squatters keep generating profit at the expense of multinationals) I usually make notes of what is being registered. US companies, as always, dominate – this week I spotted following marks: USA General Electric: Monogram Qualcomm: […]