Need help: how to word Response to Provisional Refusal properly?

Update: This matter resolved as of Feb.22 – thanks to Emil and folks from e-trademarks-l mailing list.


We’re preparing response to provisional refusal issued by the Russian Patent office under the Madrid agreement concerning international registration – it must be done in English and I got stuck with proper wording (haven’t done that before). I tried to find an example of such a letter but failed.

Could anybody help?

Here is a draft translation made by Google Translate:

With regard to the international registration ?*****
Name of applicant: ****
Address for correspondence: ******

Response to the Provisional Refusal

In response to your preliminary decision dated 25.10.2010 to refuse to grant legal protection for the claimed designation, the following information.

We suggest removing the word element «ABCD» of legal protection and specify it as unprotected element of the trademark.

Please submit your variants via comments.

Thanks in advance!

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