Comprehensive search in Russian patent and non-patent literature

Yesterday, while communicating on a matter of getting an old Russian patent, we received a question: “If I may ask you, what is you service about? Do you have access to scientific information other than patents? for the past 10 years we are involved in catechin and other biflavonoids research and discovered that many studies […]

First-To-File vs First-to-Invent explained, quite nicely

While googling today on prior art matters, I happened across Patent Baristas blog. Of particular interest to me was recent post on regard of (US) Patent reform – Patent Reform: What Does First-To-File Mean To Me? – Stephen Albainy-Jenei quite nicely explained First-To-File vs First-to-Invent (and variation first-inventor-to-file) issues, so I do understand much better […]

Portfolio of most recent Russian prior art searches

We’ve been keeping our site updated – last week we put up portfolio of most recent Russian prior art searches. For starters, here is one of these: The Russian prior art search has been carried out among Russian and Soviet patent documents with an effective date after 1959 till present which concern Pd/Pd alloy membrane […]