(Updated) quick guide to trademark registration in Russia in 2009

Today I was responding to an inquiry from Israel re process and cost of trademark registration in Russia, and upon finishing my letter I thought that this matter might be of interest to somebody else, so I’m posting it here.

Daniel wrote:

I anticipate the client will want to know a bottom-line price,
so I would be much obliged if you could run me through, A to Z, on the costs of one
trademark registration in Russia (assuming of course it is not contested). (In
actuality, the client is seeking to register a number of trademarks).

Here is a (updated) quick guide to trademark registration in Russia.

Prior to filing trademark application in the territory of Russian Federation,
it is necessary to conduct search on identity and similarity in the official database of registered trademarks and filed applications.

This search includes a search of Russia’s Trademark Office records – both in Latin and Cyrillic symbols – of all registered, expired, canceled or abandoned word marks similar in sight, sound or meaning, INCLUDING trademark applications.

Cost of preliminary search is:
Preliminary Search within 7 days (including registered marks and filed applications)
– word/combined mark in 1 class: $150 ($40 per each additional class)

For example, if a company wants to register 3 trademarks in 2 classes each
(according to The Nice Classification of goods and services),
the search will cost
($150+$40) x 3 = $570

If the search proves that there is no obstacle to registration of your trademark, we enter 2nd phase – application filing.

Involved costs for this stage (including official fees):
$560 – Registration of one trademark in 1 ICGS class
$82 – for each additional ICGS class

For each additional mark applied for at the same time, we charge $50 less for registration:
$510 – Registration of one trademark in 1 ICGS class
$82 – each additional class in second or subsequent application

For example, if a company wants to register 3 trademarks in 2 classes each,
the filing will cost
($560 + $82) that’s for the 1st mark in 2 classes
($510 + $82)x2 that’s for 2nd mark in 2 classes
= $1826

To summarize: at the initial stage, a company shall transfer to us funds
1) to cover the search fees
2) to cover the filing fees.
In this example, to register 3 trademarks in 2 classes each, a company shall transfer
$570 (the search fees) + $1826 (the filing fees) = $2396

Futher on, upon submitting the application, within a month we’ll get the priority notice.
Substantive examination process at Russian PTO takes about 12 months.
Upon receiving notification of positive decision, a company shall pay trademark registration and issuance of certificate fees
$560 (incl. official fee and attorney fee).
In case of 3 trademarks, it’ll be $560 x 3 = $1680 (no discount here due to low attorney fee).

We will need from you following:
# Designation to be protected and Trademark type (word, logo, combined)
# A complete list of goods or services on which the trademark will be used (preferably grouped according to the Nice Classification)
# Information about applicant: official name, legal address, country (indicating a state)
# a Power of Attorney (we will provide the form)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

[Source: Russian Patents blog]

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