Russian patents in English language

About half a year ago there was a question asked at LinkedIn: “Is there a database available for Russian patent to get in English language?” I contributed to answers (along with 5 other colleagues), and we agreed what getting Russian patents in English is a tough matter. It seems that this very question arises over […]

Russian patent features a new kind of baby carrying facilities

Recently (2007.03.27) granted Russian patent features a new kind of baby carrying facilities. baby carrying apparatus has two strap loops to be passed around respective user’s shoulders and connected through fastening means 11 at rear side of apparatus. Baby carrying bag provided at front side of apparatus is adapted for resting upon user’s chest. Fastening […]

A patent on Windows Vista granted – to a Russian lawyer

Can a person having nothing to do with Microsoft – say, a Russian legal expert, – manage to receive the official registration certificate on Windows Vista in the Russian Patent Office? No problem at all – if you’re in Russia. He did it. Just out of simple wish to show imperfection of the legislation system. […]