Need patent attorney to do PCT national stage filing in Russia

Do you have a PCT patent application which is due to enter national phase in Russia? We, as registered patent attorneys based in Russia, can act as your agent.
» PCT national phase filing in Russia

Last week we simultaneously (the same day) received similar inquires from two separate people – one came from the US and another from Spain. These inquires brought my attention to the fact that we forgot to mention this kind of service at our site (Update: fixed), but meanwhile I decided to put up a short post on this matter.

So, the inquiries were like these:

I wish to enter my PCT patent with your firm on Russia. I have 2 PCT patents. You can give
information (prices at reasonable cost and others) about your office ,so I can enter my PCT
into Russia with your Firm.

and 2nd one:

I need to do a PCT national stage filing in your country by July 27, 2008 (the 31 month priority date), for application PCT/US2006/062***. If this is something you can do for me, please quote me the cost of having you do the PCT national stage filing for me in Russia, including translation of the
application (about 9334 words in English).

I believe my response might be of interest to other inventors from around the world.

The costs for entering the national phase of a PCT-application before
the Russian Patent Office will be the following:

1) basic fee for taking over representation and entering the national

official fees USD 200
attorney fees USD 850

2) filing the examination request

official fees USD 300
attorney fees USD 100

Attorney fees include all necessary actions during Patent Office
prosecution until getting the Resolution of Patent Office (~12-13

Additional fees may become due, if the application includes the group
of inventions or more than 25 claims. In this case, however, we will contact you readily to check, whether the number of claims can be reduced, for example by deleting subclaims. The above
costs do not reflect any disbursements.

The Application will be filed during a week.

The number of Application and the date of filing will be known after ~45 days
– we will send to you the e-copy of Notice of Arrival.

As for translation – cost of translation is $15/100 words (most of Russian patent attorneys
would charge $20/100 words – but do not bother to provide a portfolio of RUS<>ENG patent translations, which we do maintain), so for 9334 words in English it’d be $1395 (you’d save $465 with us).

The following documents are necessary to do a PCT national stage filing in Russia:
– Applicant name
– Inventors names
– Claims
– Description
– Figures
– Copy of the priority Application (first US Application)
– Power of Attorney (signed by the Applicant)

As for turnaround:

– Translation of the PCT application (from English to Russian, about 9334 words in English): 1 week
– Express mail delivery of signed Power of Attorney from you to us: 4-5 days
– Transfer of funds from you to us (bank wire): 4 days
– Transfer of funds from us to RUPTO (bank wire): another 4 days
– Postal delivery of the application to RUPTO: 4 days (as an option, express mail will take 1 day).

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