Re Classified Russian patents

Once in a while we happen to receive an inquiry for an old Russian patent (or rather Author’s certificate as it used to be known back in USSR days) which does not come up in the list of official patents published in Russian patent office database. As a rule, the reason is that this very […]

Russian patents in English – cheaper than usual?

In this post I’d like to share couple of thoughs on how it’d be possible to considerably lower down cost of translation of Russian patents into English (or whatever else language pair). This week we received following inquiry from Spanish company: We are looking for two RU Patents. In case these two documents are available […]

Comprehensive search in Russian patent and non-patent literature

Yesterday, while communicating on a matter of getting an old Russian patent, we received a question: “If I may ask you, what is you service about? Do you have access to scientific information other than patents? for the past 10 years we are involved in catechin and other biflavonoids research and discovered that many studies […]