New “trademark registration in Russia” and “Document delivery service” pages

I’ve been postponing redesign of our badly outdated site during last 5 years. Gradually I grew accustomed to a thought that maybe our circa 90s looking site has its merits? Like, it looks like made by people who are good in their own field but have no time/resources to devote to making more modern version […]

Facts, stats and thoughts on our document delivery service

As I’ve mentioned on this blog previously, among other things we’re involved with there is a document delivery service – that’s basically delivery of Russian patents and articles from Russian scientific journals. However, from time to time we were asked to deliver articles from non-Russian journals, and, surprisingly (for us in the first place…), success […]

Comprehensive search in Russian patent and non-patent literature

Yesterday, while communicating on a matter of getting an old Russian patent, we received a question: “If I may ask you, what is you service about? Do you have access to scientific information other than patents? for the past 10 years we are involved in catechin and other biflavonoids research and discovered that many studies […]