Trademark patrol reveals another Coca Cola’s trademark infringement in Russia?

Companies like Coca-Cola, which values its brand name at $34 billion, take a very dim view of trademark infringement. So I’d better say this in the very beginning of my post: “These materials are presented here for private educational, scholarly, and research uses”, OK? While Russian bombers continue routine patrol missions over the Atlantic Ocean, […]

Paradox: IP theft in Russia brings huge profits to respectful owner of infringed works

IndustryWeek publishes detailed article on IP (Intellectual Property) theft issues, and makes it the cover story. Foreign governments play a key role in fighting IP theft, but unfortunately, there is a wide variance in how countries are attacking the problems of counterfeiting and IP theft, according to a 30-nation study by the OECD (Organization for […]

Russia vs NATO: military patent infringement

The new Russian ambassador to NATO has raised the issue of military patent infringement and promised to look into the production of the famous ‘Kalashnikov’ brand of automatic weapons by NATO countries. “As I was preparing to take up my new post, I was astonished at the disrespect for proprietary rights in the field of […]