Report: Foreign Trade Mark Registrations in Russia by Country and Companies for Two Months of 2008

We’ve been gathering data for our very own inhouse database of trade mark applications filed with Russian Patent Office, and while doing manual double checking of all entries for consistency, I’ve been making notes of trade marks which catched my attention – these being mostly by foreign applicants and attempts to infringe on well known […]

Trademark patrol reveals another Coca Cola’s trademark infringement in Russia?

Companies like Coca-Cola, which values its brand name at $34 billion, take a very dim view of trademark infringement. So I’d better say this in the very beginning of my post: “These materials are presented here for private educational, scholarly, and research uses”, OK? While Russian bombers continue routine patrol missions over the Atlantic Ocean, […]

Should we have trademark filed before we start spending on marketing material?

Today I spotted interesting topic at INTA (International Trademark Assotiation) mailing list which correlated with one of most recent cases we were involved with. Q: We have a trade show coming up where we will launch our new product. In anyone’s advice do you suggest we time it so that the trademark is filed only […]