Updated: Trademark registration in Russia page

Our “Trademark registration services in Russia” page got a minor update – we added information about three Korean, one British and one Chinese trademark applications recently filed by our firm in Russia: Goodal, Dr. myer’s, STEBLANC, Skypark, DDK. Got a question re trademark registration in Russia? Shoot us an email – we won’t charge a […]

Russian Patent and Trademark Office (RUPTO) gets more efficient

Apparently, recently it’s been taking Rospatent (this is proper name of RUPTO) less time to finish formal examination of trademark applications than it used to be – if previously the period was about 1 month, then currently I’ve been noticing lesser and lesser time span. Just a couple of recent examples of foreign trademark applications […]

More fashion apparel companies seeking to register trademark in Russia

I witness steady growth of fashion apparel companies among our prospective clients who turn to us seeking help in registering trademark in Russia – just recently they were a knitwear designer from NY and absolutely fabulous British based clothing company (which made me regret I’m way to bulky nowadays to wear their suits – my […]