Report: Foreign Trade Mark Registrations in Russia by Country and Companies for Two Months of 2008

We’ve been gathering data for our very own inhouse database of trade mark applications filed with Russian Patent Office, and while doing manual double checking of all entries for consistency, I’ve been making notes of trade marks which catched my attention – these being mostly by foreign applicants and attempts to infringe on well known […]

Testimonials page updated

Just a quick note to announce what our Testimonials page was updated today. As I got to know, visitors at Patents from RU site do pay attention to testimonials, so I’ve been keeping it alive.

Latest news on Russian patent search, translation and document detective joys

Just a quick update on what’s going on at Patents from RU. Our customer was interested in getting one Russian patent and two articles from Russian scientific journals, and he wanted these possibly translated into English. He came to the right place! Not only we found the articles for him (as mentioned in previous post, […]