Refreshed our Wall of Trademarks filed in Russia

As I’ve just facebooked and twittered (is it the word anyway?), propmted by a call from fellow patent attorney from India I managed to update our Trademark registration in Russia page. In particular, I added a Chinese, a Korean and a Mexican trademarks to our Wall of trademark applications we’ve filed in Russia recently – as I call it to myself…I love the look, can’t wait to see it growing up to 100 cute tiny pics:)

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2 Responses to “Refreshed our Wall of Trademarks filed in Russia”

  1. Hi there,

    did you cover the registration of Vostochny Express’ “Christmas” trade mark?

    I am interested to figure out, how this case is being percevied by the IP practioners in the Russian Federation.


  2. Emil, you got it quite right in your blog post – “All this would be quite funny if it was not absurd”. I’m second to this.

    Happens all the time…How about recent case of “Gagarin” TM being claimed for exclusive use by his younger daughter? When huge money are at stake, people go nuts.

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