Russian Patent and Trademark Office (RUPTO) gets more efficient

Apparently, recently it’s been taking Rospatent (this is proper name of RUPTO) less time to finish formal examination of trademark applications than it used to be – if previously the period was about 1 month, then currently I’ve been noticing lesser and lesser time span. Just a couple of recent examples of foreign trademark applications we’ve filed in Russia: it took Chinese trademark TRAVELHOUSE 10 days to get approved for entering substantive examination, while Tunisian trademark FLORIDENT and Taiwanese trademark FARCENT passed formal examination in Russia during 2 weeks.

We believe that this improvement was in particular achieved also due to the fact that we switched solely to electronic filing of trademark applications in Russia – no more snail mail problems.

Got a question re trademark registration in Russia? Shoot us an email – we won’t charge a penny for advice or opinion.

Trademark registration in Russia: up to date we filed 61 trade marks from 17 countries

Today I’ve updated our “Trademark registration services in Russia” page and noticed that number of foreign trademark applications we’ve filed in Russia so far har reached 61 trademarks – and that’s not to mention numerous trademark applications we’ve been filing on behalf of local, Russian, applicants (Update of May 6, 2013: out of curiousity I counted how many trademark applications – local and foreign – we’ve filed since Jan.1, 2009 – it’s 245).

It’s a pleasure to see more countries getting added – just recently a company from Tunisia filed Florident trademark in Russia and Taiwanese trademark Farcent got filed in Russian Federation.

By now it’s 17 countries – USA, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Finland, Israel, UK, Thailand, New Zealand, Indonesia, Ireland, Argentina, Malaysia, Mexica, Tunisia and India.

Interesting fact is that more and more inquires are coming directly from trademark owners and not via foreign patent attorneys. Get in touch with us if you too need a trade mark registered in Russia.

New “trademark registration in Russia” and “Document delivery service” pages

I’ve been postponing redesign of our badly outdated site during last 5 years. Gradually I grew accustomed to a thought that maybe our circa 90s looking site has its merits? Like, it looks like made by people who are good in their own field but have no time/resources to devote to making more modern version of the site? At least it doesn’t look anything like a cheap template based one.

But we do care about the site and from time to time update it – we do update current fees, and do update certain pages once range of our services shifts somewhere. For instance, recently two pages were quite radically edited – in pursuet of more clear message and such. These are:
Page “Trademark registration services in Russia


Page devoted to Document delivery service – now it says “Document delivery vendor, source for Russian, European, Turkish etc articles”.

As I’ve just mentioned in Facebook, I’d better set up a page that is not named “Russian document retrieval servic…e” – we went well beyond Russia centered services and got heavily occipied with other countries – say, more than 2/3 of all delivered articles, thesises, dissertations and conference proceedings were for Eastern European (like Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian etc.) and Turkish ones.