New “trademark registration in Russia” and “Document delivery service” pages

I’ve been postponing redesign of our badly outdated site during last 5 years. Gradually I grew accustomed to a thought that maybe our circa 90s looking site has its merits? Like, it looks like made by people who are good in their own field but have no time/resources to devote to making more modern version of the site? At least it doesn’t look anything like a cheap template based one.

But we do care about the site and from time to time update it – we do update current fees, and do update certain pages once range of our services shifts somewhere. For instance, recently two pages were quite radically edited – in pursuet of more clear message and such. These are:
Page “Trademark registration services in Russia


Page devoted to Document delivery service – now it says “Document delivery vendor, source for Russian, European, Turkish etc articles”.

As I’ve just mentioned in Facebook, I’d better set up a page that is not named “Russian document retrieval servic…e” – we went well beyond Russia centered services and got heavily occipied with other countries – say, more than 2/3 of all delivered articles, thesises, dissertations and conference proceedings were for Eastern European (like Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian etc.) and Turkish ones.

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