Introducing Russian scientific and medical literature document delivery

Indeed, we got a very good start for 2008 – in addition to increasing interst to Russian patent documents I mentioned in my previous post, interest to Russian scientific literature has been also elevating. Today I got request for two more Russian articles, this time in medicine and chemistry fields:

1) Effect of some benzimidazole and quinoxaline derivatives on bulbar mechanis
By Tyurenkov, I. N.
Mater., Povolzh. Konf. Fiziol. Uchastiem Biokhim., Farmakol. Morfol., 6th
p.63-4 1973

2) Peripheral mechanisms of action of some vasoactive substances.
Petrov, V. I.
Trudy Volgogradskogo Gosudarstvennogo Meditsinskogo Instituta
p.119-21 1977

Well, let’s see how long will it take us to hunt these down (see the followup here).

Actually, I’d like to use this occasion to shed some light on a matter of Russian non-patent literature search – for some reason, we started receiving considerable amount of inquiries for Russian scientific and medical articles search.

Following the latest trend (see our Russian patent translations portfolio and Russian prior art search portfolio), we put up the site a little portfolio of most recent orders we carried out, check it out here: Russian scientific and medical literature document delivery portfolio ).

What’s the difference between retrieving scientific articles from US sources and Russian sources? Speaking of USA, virtually all necessary articles one is able to obtain in electronic form (like, PDF) for about $20 per article. But in Russia, it’s totally different: 1)there are no central depository of scientific articles/works and 2)good deal of articles are NOT digitized.

So every time we get an inquiry for delivery of an article from Russian scientific journal or similar work, we embark on a search for library which might have this article, and upon finding it we need to arrange the article to be scanned – so it sure takes some time. Good news is, so far we were able to fill in all inquiries for Russian scientific and medical literature search we ever received.

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