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Just a quick update on what’s going on at Patents from RU.

Our customer was interested in getting one Russian patent and two articles from Russian scientific journals, and he wanted these possibly translated into English. He came to the right place! Not only we found the articles for him (as mentioned in previous post, it was delivered super fast), but we also translated all three documents within a week (take a look at our updated portfolio of Russian to English translations).

Another customer sought to obtain an old Soviet patent ( USSR Inventor’s Certificate), and we encountered an interesting problem – full text of the document was not available through RUPTO paid database, the entry was blanc. We turned to our CD-ROM collection, but again this document was not available in full – entry contained only Abstract. So we had to request the document from archives. Luckily, it took RUPTO arhievists merely a week to locate a paper copy.

And another interesting task we embarked on last week was delivery of an article written in Russian language but published not in Russia – it was an Ukrainian reference. To much of our satisfaction, we managed to track it down – it took us slightly more time than usual, 5 business
days instead of our regular 2-3 days. We added it to our portfolio of Russian scientific journals search.

This request came from our US patron who began to order through Patents from RU articles not only in Russian, but in other languages as well – this Ukrainian reference (supposedly it must have been published in Ukrainian, at least title suggested so) became 2nd inquiry, first was request to find 2 Polish referencies. I enjoyed the hunt a lot! I had to browse many Polish resources, and 1st of Polish documents was found in its native country, but in the end I spotted the 2nd article via – surprise – US source, located not far from where are patron resides 🙂

I just love document detective job. You got some, feel free to contact me.

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