Comprehensive search in Russian patent and non-patent literature

Yesterday, while communicating on a matter of getting an old Russian patent, we received a question:

“If I may ask you, what is you service about? Do you have
access to scientific information other than patents? for the past 10
years we are involved in catechin and other biflavonoids research and
discovered that many studies have been conducted in Russia / USSR.”

Actually, I was under impression what scope of our services is rather simple yet in detail explained at Patents from RU site – but apparently there is much to improve.

I took some time to summarize a description of our services in regard of scientific information researches we’ve been involved in lately – comprehensive search in Russian patent and non-patent literature has been our main occupation.

First off, here is a summary of search related services we carry out:

1) Russian patent documents delivery (for documents dated back to 1924).

We charge $29.50 per documents which are available in databases, and $50 for documents (like applications) which need to be ordered from archives.

Databases include Russian patents, Russian utility models and Russian industrial designs.

2) Russian patent database research

This service relates to cases when only a partial information is available.
We charge per hour, $60/hour.
Results will include document numbers and abstracts (if possible, in English).

3) Prior art search in patent databases of Russia and former USSR republics.

We charge $295 per subclass of IPC (there might be 1 to 5 subclasses) for searching Russian patents going back to 1924, and flat fee of $295 per search for searching fSU databases (back to 1993).

Normally, patent search is completed within a week.

Regarding English-language summary of the relevancy of found documents – the cost quoted does not include translation. English language abstracts are normally (but not 100%) available for post 1991 Russian patents – but older documents never had an English language abstracts.

We’ll do our best though to provide a short summary of each found

4) Russian Non-patent literature search (including bibliography research, Russian Internet queries, manual search in libraries).

We charge $60/hour, minimum 15 hours.
We’ll be providing intermediary reports as which literature was searched and what was found, so client will maintain control over expenses and time frame.

It’s hardly possible to provide time frame estimate – a 1-1.5 months would be more/less safe bet.

5) Document delivery service for references cited in bibliography research.

We charge $50 per references (up to 50 pages).
As a rule, we’ve been able to obtain Russian journal articles within a week.
Success rate is about 95%.

We’re able to obtain non-Russian references as well (especially from Eastern Europe countries), but success rate is considerably lower – although we do have a patron who keeps turning to us as his last resort once he’s unable to track non-Russian articles and oftentimes we’ve been able to deliver.

6) Russian to English translation service

We charge $0.12/word (English). All translations are being proof-edited by our partner in USA whose mother tongue is American English. His specializations are: pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biotechnology, agrochemicals, medical, and polymers.

His background includes:
– Two Years chemical research at CB Research & Development and Beard Research Inc., Senior Research Chemist
– Eleven years chemical research at DuPont, Senior Research Chemist
– Six years academic teaching and research at Polytechnic University, Brooklyn
ยท Collaborations with researchers in Germany, Soviet Union and Japan

Further on, here is an example of latest comprehensive search in biochem field. This is just an outline of the job done, but upon inquiry I can provide copies of actual search reports.

Results of the search were submitted to client in following order:

report-foreign journals.pdf

Project scope:

1) Prior art search in Russian patent literature, at $295 per IPC subclass, total two subclasses searched (A61K 31/ and C07C 233/); results delivered as PDF files.
2) Prior art search in other Russian language databases – namely
former USSR countries patent databases and EAPATIS (Eurasian patents), at $295 per search
3) Prior art search in Russian non-patent literature, at $60/hour, total 18 hours spent

Charge for the project was: US$1965.00

There were neither translation nor document delivery services involved in this case.

Source: Russian patents blog

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