Russian patents in English language

About half a year ago there was a question asked at LinkedIn: “Is there a database available for Russian patent to get in English language?” I contributed to answers (along with 5 other colleagues), and we agreed what getting Russian patents in English is a tough matter. It seems that this very question arises over […]

Need patent attorney to do PCT national stage filing in Russia

Do you have a PCT patent application which is due to enter national phase in Russia? We, as registered patent attorneys based in Russia, can act as your agent. » PCT national phase filing in Russia Last week we simultaneously (the same day) received similar inquires from two separate people – one came from the […]

Latest news on Russian patent search, translation and document detective joys

Just a quick update on what’s going on at Patents from RU. Our customer was interested in getting one Russian patent and two articles from Russian scientific journals, and he wanted these possibly translated into English. He came to the right place! Not only we found the articles for him (as mentioned in previous post, […]