We are looking to obtain a copy of the Russian journal article…

We’ve been fulfilling more and more inquiries for Russian non-patent document delivery – today we put another four titles into
Russian scientific and medical literature search and delivery portfolio which we hunted down for our customers in wild wild Russian infospace, these are:

Density, Viscosity, Surface Tension, and Saturated Vapor Pressure of Liquid
Teplofiz. Svoista Veshchestv Mater. (Thermophysical Properties of Substances and Materials)

Smeshine potokov v krestoobraznykh soedineniyakh truboprovodov
Trudy Leningradskii Tekstil’nyi Institut Imeni S.M. Kirova

Passivatio of contacts and vat residues in production of trichlorosilane
Kremniiorganicheskie Soedineniya, Trudy Soveshchaniya, Feb. 1966 (Organosilicon Compounds, Transactions of the Conference)

“The synthesis of some new bisquaternary ammonium salts with their expected effect on systems reactive to choline,”
Sbornik Nauch. Rabot, Rizhskii Med. Inst.

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