New “trademark registration in Russia” and “Document delivery service” pages

I’ve been postponing redesign of our badly outdated site during last 5 years. Gradually I grew accustomed to a thought that maybe our circa 90s looking site has its merits? Like, it looks like made by people who are good in their own field but have no time/resources to devote to making more modern version […]

Need help: how to word Response to Provisional Refusal properly?

Update: This matter resolved as of Feb.22 – thanks to Emil and folks from e-trademarks-l mailing list. —— We’re preparing response to provisional refusal issued by the Russian Patent office under the Madrid agreement concerning international registration – it must be done in English and I got stuck with proper wording (haven’t done that before). […]

Refreshed our Wall of Trademarks filed in Russia

As I’ve just facebooked and twittered (is it the word anyway?), propmted by a call from fellow patent attorney from India I managed to update our Trademark registration in Russia page. In particular, I added a Chinese, a Korean and a Mexican trademarks to our Wall of trademark applications we’ve filed in Russia recently – […]