Update of Russian patents service portfolio

Two portfolio pages just have been updated: Portfolio of Russian to English scientific translations: we’ve added translations of two Russian scientific articles, this time in the field of Electrical Engineering. Portfolio of Russian scientific journals search: another two Russian scientific articles found and delivered to our patron.

Latest news on Russian patent search, translation and document detective joys

Just a quick update on what’s going on at Patents from RU. Our customer was interested in getting one Russian patent and two articles from Russian scientific journals, and he wanted these possibly translated into English. He came to the right place! Not only we found the articles for him (as mentioned in previous post, […]

Feb 15th: portfolio of Russian patent translations updated

We’ve just updated our portfolio of Russian patent translations – this time a US patent attorney wanted us to translate 6 Russian referencies Just a brief story: An US patent attorney was looking for a translation service to translate a Russian patent reference. She had a pdf of a Russian patent/patent application and she needed […]