Things I enjoy most about being an infopro

Some time ago I came across an excellent blog post named The Best Part of This Job – Russ Krajec shared his thoughts on some advantages of being a patent attorney: “patent law is fun because the patent agent/attorney generally deals with happy, optimistic, and creative people. I often tell people that patent law is unique in that I only deal with happy people”read the rest of the entry, it’s very inspiring. It made me wrote a draft of my post on this very subject – unfortunately, it’s still the draft 🙂

Here is just a snippet out of this coming revelation 🙂

One on the things I enjoy most about my occupation of information professional is communication with people from all corners of the world. I love the feeling of being exposed to new locations – even virtually (I do not travel much 🙂

Whenever I happen to get in touch with somebody on a business matter, I always – just out of curiousity – google their whereabouts, and this way become aware of plenty interesting places I never heard about or never seen something about (I rarely watch telly).

Just recently these were Zhuhai in Southern China on Chinese sea searshore and Lower Hutt near Wellington in New Zealand on a seashore, too … I immediately wanted to take a couple of weeks off 🙂

From now on I’m going to post pictures of these places on the Photoblog section of the blog. Commentatorss are always welcome :)!

Kia ora!

PS: speaking about places I never heard about – I bet most of you never heard about the city of Izhevsk where I reside. So here is a couple of pictures for you – enjoy!



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  1. I certainly agree that patent law can be fun, interesting, and even exciting. And what a lovely place you live in.

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