Re Russian Utility model search

A quick note regarding Russian utility model search (aka useful model search – it’s an often used mistranslated term for Poleznaya model)

As a rule, utility models are often refered to as “Russian patents” by inquirier.

Just the other day I got this inquiry:

If it is possible for you I need a search about certificate no: 20837
applied no:20001116003 time of regestraion as patent:2001/6/8
the title of this is about correctin of ant.foot(forefoot)deformity.

I replied:

certificate no: 20837 was issued back in 1931 and filed for patent in 1929
applied no:20001116003 – it’s incorrect. I tried to fix “20001” part to “2001” (it must be year of application) but it doesn’t work, either.
by time of registraion of time is virtually impossible to find a patent – I’d have to spend hours browsign through patents registered about that time…

In about a week I heard from them again:

The useful model certificate no.20837
About the previous mail question, I have done the following studies:

The useful model certificate no.20837
request no.20001116003

Dated 80/60/2001 the priority from the date of 80/60/2001

Despite the dates being way too funny – 80(!)/60(!)/2001 🙂 – and application number still scrumbled – extra Zero within 2001 – the utility model number allowed us to find it.

And I’ll keep it in mind for the future that if a client asks for a patent with a short number but relatively recent publication date it might as well be a Russian utility model – not a Russian patent.

You’re always welcome to send whatever kind of details you managed to scrap for a document you’re after – we’ll do our best in hunting it down.

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