First-To-File vs First-to-Invent explained, quite nicely

While googling today on prior art matters, I happened across Patent Baristas blog. Of particular interest to me was recent post on regard of (US) Patent reform – Patent Reform: What Does First-To-File Mean To Me? – Stephen Albainy-Jenei quite nicely explained First-To-File vs First-to-Invent (and variation first-inventor-to-file) issues, so I do understand much better […]

“The Ideal Keyboard” patented in Russia

While putting together my previous post “Russian patent holders to watch Nanoproducts closely“, I browsed the source of that post and came across an interesting bit of news – there was another “Ideal keyboard” patented in Russia (Optimus being the first, if memory serves – [video]). In the keyboard the following innovations are realized: 1. […]

Russian patent holders to watch Nanoproducts closely

Russian state authorities consider majority of products, carrying “nano” prefix, to speculate on a trendy term. This is a hot topic currently in Russia due to new Intellectual Property Rights Law to come in effect as of January 1, 2008. A solution lies in compilation of a classification system for nanotechnological products. State officials also […]