Politics + Trademarks Russian way: “Vladimir Putin” vs “Dmitry Medvedev”

Pravda.ru says: “Putin’s persona, the Vladimir Putin brand, goes out of fashion slowly but surely. Russians are developing a new political addiction – Dmitry Medvedev, Putin’s protege, his official successor. The propaganda machine has been taking great efforts to promote the new brand across Russia. The new brand, Dmitry Medvedev, has thus been outshining his predecessor – Putin.
Putinka vodka - famous russian trade mark
It is worthy of note that political factors are intertwined with economic ones. Germany’s Die Welt wrote, for example, that the production of vodka under trademark Putinka has been declining in Russia. Until recently, the brand has been brining the profit of 330 million euros a year.

Hardly had Putin pronounced Dmitry Medvedev’s name, when entrepreneurs sent in their applications to Russia’s Patent to register new trademarks the titles of which play with the last name of Putin’s successor (‘medved’ means ‘bear’ in Russian). Putinka may thus been replaced with Medvedevka, Tsar Medved or Vladimir and Medved.”

It’d be interesting to dig out what trade mark applications resembling “Dmitry Medvedev” were filed recently – I’m going to run trademark watch on this Russian mark on my own request 🙂 (Update: here are some results of trademark watch on Medvedev)

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