Russian Patent Office is on hiatus

Russian Civil Code has changed, and it didn’t come unnoticed in the West (see IP Factor comment). Russian patent office is yet to publish Russian Civil Code…

Accordign to Kommersant Daily, the procedures for intellectual property protection could’t be applied starting from the New Year. Russia’s Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent) is unable to make any decisions, as the Section 4 of Civil Code that took effect January 1, 2008 abrogated all regulations governing its activities.

But the new administrative regulations that are to assume the respective functions haven’t come in force so far. Nowadays, anyone may use the invention of any person or company due to the lack of the patent.

Previously, Rospatent had certain number of rules. Now, there is a draft of administrative regulations instead of them. As they haven’t been approved and taken effect, the experts may refer to neither the old nor the new rules, said lawyer Vadim Uskov.

According to patent agents, the disputable provisions are numerous in new regulations, which actually slows down their adoption. But the problem calls for urgent solution, so the regulations will be passed in the nearest future irrespective of wording, the analysts predict.

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